What is an extraction?

When a tooth has suffered and been damaged from decay, procedures such as fillings or crowns may help to fix it. However, if there is too much damage for the tooth to be repaired, it must be extracted from the mouth.

What is a simple extraction?

There are two types of tooth extractions: simple extractions or surgical extractions. A simple extraction is when the tooth is fully exposed, and it can be loosened (with an instrument called an elevator) and pulled out of the jawbone (using forceps) with relative ease. A surgical extraction, however, requires more skill and time, and causes slightly more pain. A surgical extraction must be done if the tooth is broken at the gum line, or if it has not fully grown out from the gums. To fully remove the tooth, a small incision is removed in the gums to assist in removing the tooth.

Extractions may cause pain and swelling afterwards, especially in the case of surgical extractions, but it diminishes quickly, and make sure to not put too much pressure on your mouth by chewing hard foods up to a few days after the procedure. Soft tissue healing takes a few weeks.


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