What is an immediate denture?

An immediate denture is a removable set of artificial teeth, placed straight after the extraction of your natural teeth. Since the sutures are not placed close to the areas of extraction and there are many extractions done to be able to have a permanent denture, it may take many months for the mouth to heal fully. Therefore, an immediate denture is placed in the meantime as it covers the areas where the extractions took place, protecting vulnerable gum tissue and acting as a barrier for bacteria trying to enter the sites.

An immediate denture also involves taking impressions of your mouth with your natural teeth present so that once your teeth are extracted, there will be an immediate denture ready to be fitted in your mouth. This way you won’t have to remain without teeth.

What is a full lower immediate denture?

A full lower immediate denture is the set of teeth placed above the bony ridge of the lower jaw. Normally there are sutures present when the denture is placed on the lower jaw and is removed after approximately a week.

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