What is accreditation?

Dental practice accreditation is a self-initiated process that, once completed, represents a level of safety and quality that exceeds expectations. It is an independent and voluntary recognition of private dental practices for their commitment towards best practice, high performing systems and processes, infection control and continuous improvement.

This program is a collaboration between ADA (Australian Dental Association) and QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) to guarantee patients and clients that they are choosing a practice that adheres to high standards. It is a requirement to comply with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards one to six. The primary aim of the standards is to protect the public from harm and improve the quality of care in Australian health organisations.

ADHPL has done this accreditation process two times, and both times we have achieved full compliance with all standards. We have also voluntarily called an independent auditor to critically examine our practice and standards, and we met all the required standards in our very first attempt.





What are the NSQHS standards?

  1. Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations: To maintain and increase the quality of patient care through policies and governance. At ADHPL we have created a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) document, which entails the strict policies and regulates we adhere to for the patients, staff, and the surgical environment.
  2. Partnering with Consumers: To create a patient-centred practice which uses patient feedback to improve the practice. At ADHPL, our values are evidence-based and patient-centric, and we have distributed hundreds of patient surveys for our self-improvement, receiving a satisfaction rate of over 93%.
  3. Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections: To maintain high levels of infection control through proper policies and systems, which we have achieved with our detailed sterilisation procedures and use of technologies such as ozone water for cleaning – completely chemical free, extremely potent and environmentally friendly.
  4. Medication Safety: To correctly prescribe and administer medication to patients. At ADHPL we believe in informed consent, where the patient is always informed about his/her dental condition, and the medication required to treat it.
  5. Patient Identification and Procedure Matching: To identify patients correctly and match the patient to the correct treatment. At ADHPL we keep thorough notes on each patient and every visit that they make, both digitally and on paper, which means your identity will be matched with the right treatment.
  6. Clinical Handover: To communicate effectively between clinicians and use the proper procedure and strategies to transfer the responsibilities of a patient’s case from one clinician to another. At ADHPL we believe in timely and concise communication to supply the patient with the best possible treatment.

We at ADHPL have met all of these standards completely and both times we have achieved accreditation.