Q? Will I see the same dentist every visit?

We try our best to schedule you with a dentist you are familiar with if you prefer. As we have a relatively small team, it is easy for you to get to know us quickly . However, in a few cases you may be seen by a different dentist, for example if you have an emergency appointment.


Q? Which health funds do you accept?

We accept HBF, HCF, Medibank, Bupa and NIB health funds.

Q? What is accreditation? What does it mean for me?

Dental practice accreditation is a self-initiated process that, once completed, represents a level of safety and quality that exceeds expectations. It is an independent and voluntary recognition of private dental practices for their commitment towards best practice, high performing systems and processes, infection control and continuous improvement.

This program is a collaboration between ADA (Australian Dental Association) and QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) to guarantee patients and clients that they are choosing a practice that adheres to extremely high standards. It is a requirement to comply with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards one to six. The primary aim of the standards is to protect the public from harm and improve the quality of care in Australian health organisations.

ADHPL has done this accreditation process two times, and both times we have achieved full compliance with all standards. We have also voluntarily called an independent auditor to critically examine our practice and standards, and we met all the required standards in our very first attempt.

For more information, visit the ADA website:

Q? What does a comprehensive exam involve?

A comprehensive oral examination is an important part of preventive care in dentistry: it involves the complete and thorough assessment of your entire mouth, including teeth, gums dentition and other associated oral structures. A number of factors such as bite, occlusion, restorations, and disease will be checked by the dentist, and the exam will also facilitate a patient/dentist discussion about the current status of your oral health. The exam entails much more than a simple clean. This procedure applies to patients on their first visit or patients who have not had a dental checkup for a long period of time.

Our friendly staff will also take a digital 3D impression of your teeth, using our cutting-edge OPG technology.



Q? Why and when would I need X-rays done?

Digital X-rays are used to uncover a range of dental conditions, such as tooth decay, bone loss, oral injuries and disease, that may not be identified within an oral examination. X-rays are done for new patients, if there is a development or deterioration in a patients oral health, or if a patient has not had a dental checkup for a long period of time.

We use our Sirona Orthophos XG5 machine for high-quality 3D X-rays, which are used as digital impressions and for gaining information related to restorative and preventive treatments. With this X-ray machine, there is no need to take two X-rays on either side of your mouth, as it does the whole mouth together.

There is also no need to worry about radiation exposure – the amount of radiation in an X-ray is approximately the same amount you would be exposed to in a short one to two hour flight – which is to say an extremely small amount.


Are you not happy with our service?

Would you like to suggest an improvement?

The team at ADHPL is always open to not just feedback, but opportunities for self-improvement. We try our best to maintain high standards as one of the few Level 3 Accredited Practices in Western Australia.


You can contact us during our operating hours for any information you need – we are always available for assistance.
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