Purpose built to cater to both the general dental and specialist oral surgery needs of the patients, the Advanced Dental Healthcare facility provides single visit, efficient, hassle-free, and affordable dental care. The centre is prominently located in a centralised location South-of-Perth at a busy intersection between North Lake Road & Marmion Street and is situated diagonally opposite Myaree Shopping Centre. Completed in July 2008, the Mediterranean style building while being a head-turner and eye-catching from the outside houses the most cutting-edge dental armoury on the inside to satisfy the most discerning needs of our patients.

The centre is fully equipped to handle partial and full mouth diagnostics (digital OPGs), Porcelain based highly aesthetic single visit restorations such as crowns and veneers using state-of-the-art CEREC technologies, including periodically operating as a dedicated or stand-alone Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Centre for complex oral procedures and expert monitored IV sedation such as for wisdom teeth removal, partial or full mouth clearance, PRF treatment, single or multiple surgical implant placements, and even laser soft and hard tissue treatments.

What we can do for you

The centre comprises of a dedicated and highly committed team of well trained dentists and dental assistants whose experience span the following:

  • Conventional and rotary based moderately complex Endodontics (or Root Canal Treatments)
  • Full quadrant CEREC Crowns, Veneers porcelain fillings, and even Bridge restorations completed in a “single visit”
  • Basic to moderately complex surgical extractions with or without IV sedation (Sleep Dentistry)
  • Dentures (Resin base and Metal cast)
  • Implant supported single crowns, dentures and bridges (anterior and posterior)
  • “Invisalign” systems based Orthodontics
  • Lasers – namely the Fotona Lightwalker – proved to be one of the most advanced models for hard and soft tissue treatments, utilising both Erbium:YAG and Neodymium:YAG dental lasers for expanded dual-wavelength treatment with minimal invasion of your mouth and minimal pain
  • High class imaging using the Leica Microscope, a compact optical unit which delivers clear and sharply focused images with high manoeuvrability
  • PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin): A restorative substance which uses the patient’s own blood, spun in a centrifuge for 10-15 minutes, for accelerated healing with minimal pain after a surgical procedure

Core Objectives

  • To serve the most discerning dental needs rapidly, rationally, reliably and with conviction
  • To make our patient’s overall dental experience as desirable and comfortable as possible
  • To plan and execute systems that enable “single visit” restorative dentistry customisable
  • To continue to work with pertinent stakeholders to make dental service delivery systems more streamlined, effective and affordable for wider community group.
  • To enable priority service delivery arrangements for emergencies, accidents and trauma cases including those with significant time, travel and work related constrains.
  • To create a shared learning and interactive working environment that promotes involving patient participation at all times i.e. from diagnosis and treatment planning to post-op clinical results and follow ups.
  • Implementing Pre and Post Op patient feedback systems
  • Minimising logistical and scheduling barriers to enable highly efficient, convenient and cost-effective expert-centric treatment planning and execution especially to handle complex cases such as strategic surgical implant placements for Implant Bridges, Implant supported dentures, bone grafting as well as Multi-unit CEREC bridges and Full Quadrant CEREC restorations etc
  • Mandatory periodic participation by staff in Continued Professional Development and Other Approved Hands-on Training Programs
  • Developing and maintaining an integrated technology infrastructure and dental delivery systems that are not only cutting-edge but safe, clinically compliant and resourceful at all times
  • Fully integrated one-stop general and specialist oral pain treatment and management
  • Continued improvements and feedback using clinical and management based patient surveys


Our Environmental Policy

ADHPL follows four key elements that facilitate environmental protection and associated safeguards.

  1. Energy Conservation and Contribution to the Power Grid: The Australian Bureau of Meteorology May 2017 reports that Perth is the sunniest state capital in Australia, with a long term average sunshine of 8.8 hours per day. Daily use of dental equipment such as autoclaves, thermal disinfectors, laser systems, PCs, dental chairs and other electrical systems makes running a dental practice a power hungry operation. With continuously rising power generation and supply costs it was considered rational to invest in solar power production in-house, including the replacement of all lighting devices to energy efficient, power saving and longer lasting LEDs. In 2012, we deployed an array of solar panels generating, on average, 3kW of power per day. Not only has this proven economical, but enables us to contribute meaningfully towards public utility services. Our ultimate aim will be to become completely self-sufficient in the production, storage and optimal utilisation of this scarce resource, including back-up power supply, by deploying more powerful renewable energy production and storage equipment in the future.
  2. Chemical/Harmful Substance Free Working Environment: We are now able to produce continuous and unobstructed potent and anti-pathogenic aqueous ozone for practice-wide sanitation, instrument and dental water line disinfection. We have cut down our use of chemicals for practice wide cleaning and disinfection by over 80% since the introduction of our highly efficient aqueous ozone production system, which is ten times more potent than chemical cleaning agents such as chlorine. Several studies confirm that ozone is capable of destroying 99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses within 10 seconds, and it amazingly reverts back to harmless water and oxygen after the surrounding pathogens have been neutralised.
  3. Management of Waste Disposal: Since 2015, the practice has been using a patented, environmentally safe and industry certified amalgam separating system to virtually eliminate amalgam (containing Mercury) waste disposal into our sewage system. Amalgam separators are devices designed to trap toxic amalgam particles from the dental surgery waterways. Even though this is not currently a legal requirement within Western Australia, the use of amalgam separators has been made mandatory throughout the USA and is fully supported by appropriate dental associations as it can effectively reduce amalgam effluence into the environment by up to 95%.
  4. Conservation of Water: Sensor taps have been installed throughout the clinical areas within the practice, including the sterilisation room and the operatories, as well as the patient bathrooms. Not only has their inclusion made hand-washing by both staff and patients simple and efficient but also environmentally friendly (eliminates unnecessary flow and use of water) and hygienic (reduces the risk of transmission of pathogens significantly). This also supports our commitment towards public and staff safety as well as maintaining high infection control standards.