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The healthcare and dental industries, being some of the more risky industries in Australia and the world, present a clear need for exceeding levels of safety and quality for the benefit of both the patient and staff.

AT ADHPL, we deliver.

We believe in a modern era of evidence-based, patient-centric dental care to facilitate the most discerning needs of our patients – to provide economically, environmentally and ethically viable treatments while maintaining and uplifting the highest levels of safety, precision, equity and moral integrity to ensure our clientele deeply enjoy and appreciate their personalised dental experience. A combination of single visit, pain minimising, and high comfort dentistry has driven us to pursue a higher quality experience for our patients.

Our recently awarded industry-approved Level 3 accreditation – in which we met all the requirements for private dental practices to achieve the highest level of accreditation – is a testament to our commitment towards optimal healthcare and safety standards in dentistry.

We regularly utilise our wide variety of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art dental technologies to save time and enable painless, hassle-free and affordable dental treatments for our patients. At ADHPL, the patient is held in the highest regard – without the patient, our service would not be possible.

We sustain our excellent dental care and our pursuit of even further knowledge and improvements, so that your pursuit for a dental practice can end.

Level 3

Accredited Practice

Over 14000

Registered Patients

6 Years

Minimum Yrs. Of General Dental Experience

28 Years

Maximum Yrs. Of General Dental Experience

Over 99 %

Patient Satisfaction Rate (308 Surveys 2017-18)

Over 98 %

Patient Retention Rate

We know you want only the best service for you and your family in a safe working environment.

That is why we chose to acquire nothing less than the industry's highest recognised level 3 practice accreditation based on an independent audit.

It means we have voluntarily committed to comply with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) standards in order to systematically serve you with greater responsibility and accountability.

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